Understanding the Importance of Sacramento Traffic Control and Safety Measures

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More vehicles are on the roads than ever before. That means the nation’s roadways are amassing more wear and tear. From cracks and faded white and yellow lines to massive potholes and beyond, the amount of damage to the roads is certainly keeping construction crews busy. On top of that, the roadways that are already in place are becoming increasingly congested. New roads and highways are constantly being built to better handle the growing onslaught of vehicles and keep traffic flowing smoothly.

Understanding Roadwork Safety Issues

Construction and traffic control crews are constantly on the job trying to keep up with ongoing road maintenance and new builds. There’s simply no rest for sacramento traffic control crews or those in other parts of the country. Unfortunately, those crews are also in extreme danger every moment they’re on the job site. From heavy machinery to negligent drivers, they face countless hazards while trying to keep America’s roadways intact and traffic problems at a minimum. Many people outside the industry are surprised to learn just how many accidents take place in road construction sites and about their severity.

Roadwork Injuries and Deaths

Just a few years ago, reports indicated that roughly half of road construction sites were the scenes of serious automobile accidents. Those accidents are often caused by distracted or careless drivers, though they’re sometimes the result of inadequate signage and a lack of other safety precautions. Fortunately, the number of accidents in roadwork zones has decreased over the last couple of years. Still, more than 40 percent of work zones see injuries or fatalities each year, which is far too many.

Based on recent figures, nearly 800 people are killed in accidents in roadwork zones each year with hundreds more being injured. That estimate only includes drivers who come through work zones. Almost 2,000 people on roadwork and traffic control crews lose their lives on the job each year due to traffic accidents in their work zones. Additionally, more than 100 workers are killed due to road construction and maintenance accidents resulting from work-related negligence, such as overlooking safety protocol.

Keeping Road Construction Crews Safe

Keeping the nation’s roadways in good shape is an around-the-clock job, with building new roads to handle the ever-increasing volume of traffic making matters even more difficult. Downed trees, flooding, and other storm-related damage only further complicate the situation. With so much demand placed on road construction crews and so many pieces of heavy equipment in use, you could say that on-the-job accidents are to be expected. That doesn’t mean they’re acceptable.

Having the right equipment on hand to properly mark work zones and alert drivers of upcoming roadwork is crucial for those crews. However, following all the necessary protocols for roadwork safety isn’t always enough. Negligent drivers make work even more hazardous for road construction and traffic safety crews. Bold signs, clearly visible cones, reflective clothing, and numerous other measures can’t always keep drivers’ minds on the road. Thousands of workers have lost their lives as a result, and thousands of other people on the roadways have also paid the price of other people’s carelessness.

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