What to Consider When Hiring a Refrigerated Transport Company

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Many businesses that need to transport products without the risk of spoiling them, employ the services of a refrigerated transport company. However, not all companies offer the same quality service, and not all are worth investing in. Here is what you should look for in a good refrigerated transport company before making a decision.

Where is your transport going?

Choosing and then hiring a refrigerated transport good business is not an easy task. Your business needs can vary, as will your transportation needs. What’s more, you may be shipping perishables or hazardous materials; all of which factor into finding the right transport company for your company’s unique needs. There are some key things to consider when choosing whether or not it would be better for you to hire an in-house or outsourced trucking company. For example, in-house transport companies will be able to handle all aspects of transporting and delivering goods including loading, unloading, record keeping and maintenance. The disadvantage with in-house trucking companies is that they can only handle shipments from one location at one time.

Do you need a Same Day Delivery Service?

One issue when hiring for refrigerated transport is whether or not you need same day delivery. Companies might offer it as an extra charge. There are many factors that go into deciding whether or not you need same day delivery and these should be discussed with your company’s sales representative. The last thing you want is to order yesterday and have your food go bad before it reaches its destination because of delays from shipping!


Do you need a door-to-door service?

Refrigerated transport is an important service for all types of businesses, from retail establishments that need products stored at certain temperatures, to distribution warehouses that ship nationwide. – What type of equipment do you need? Is it primarily long-distance? Short distance? Door-to-door delivery or not? – What does your budget look like? Your budget will dictate what type of refrigeration truck and/or trailer you’ll be able to afford. It may also help dictate what kind of service is necessary. For example, if you’re shipping something short distance and can’t afford door-to-door delivery, you might consider using an open back trailer instead of an enclosed car hauler or truck and save on cooling costs.


Are you transporting perishable goods?

If you need transport services for perishable goods such as seafood, cheese or dairy products, you should be cautious about who you work with. Refrigerated transports must have proper climate control so that product quality isn’t compromised during transport and they must always provide timely delivery of their cargo to ensure safe arrival on time for their destination.


It is important to choose an experienced, reliable, and trusted company for transporting items such as food that cannot be stored at room temperature. A refrigerated transport company should have appropriate vehicle fleet which they use and maintain on behalf of their clients. These companies need to be able to provide air cargo space on aircrafts or trucks, insulation materials for packages and temperature monitoring equipment that meets regulations for shipping internationally. They should also offer complete documentation services.

When it comes time to decide on who you are going to hire as your refrigerated transport company, there are many factors you’ll want to consider in order to make sure you find someone that suits your needs.

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