Power BI Data Strategy: Secure Your Global Reach 

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Many companies consider themselves to be data-driven, but are they? 

Particularly when it comes to global players, data itself can be a trick commodity. On the one hand, it derives from every aspect of your business connectivity, including people and intellectual property. As such, data is subject to geo-specific rules such as state and local regulations, privacy laws, cultural dispositions, and business workflow strategies. 

That said, employing various Power BI implementation strategies can help enhance your capability of securing your global data reach and distributing your Power BI reports to users.

Ahead is a discussion of ways you can use Power BI to achieve this feat. Let’s dive in. 

Steps you can take to secure your data on a global scale 

Data sovereignty: There are instances where servers located inside a nation’s boundaries are only allowed to store data of people who live in that given country. This makes it hard for people outside that country to corrupt the data in these servers. 

Companies can do data presentations on Azure servers from where they can pull various reports: Using Azure cloud capabilities allows you to benefit from its cost-effectiveness and resiliency while also obtaining the confidence and security necessary for data in different classifications. 

Using Office 365 privacy settings: Office 365 addresses concerns such as security, capability, reliability of your data and also ensures that the privacy of your data is honored.

Using Power BI privacy settings: While Power BI  privacy settings present an excellent way of securing data on a global scale, you need to have Azure and Office 365 presets in place for them to be effective.

Power BI Data Strategy 

Data strategy is a game plan fashioned to enhance the way you collect, store, control, share, and use data. A global data strategy takes the current state of different data environments and guides each phase of the data dissemination process. Below is a discussion of the things that data privacy mandates require: 

Collection and storage: The collection of data should be done in a transparent manner such that the collection process does not infringe any rules and regulations. Additionally, you should implement foolproof storage practices such as cloud storage and hybrid cloud storage. 

Secure: You should implement various Power BI data strategies when securing your data. For instance, you can take advantage of the information protection setting in Power BI. Doing so will provide your data with an added layer of security. 

Manage: You can harness Power BI to undertake various data management tasks such as maintaining the quality of data, reduction of data duplication, data recovery, and data protection & security. 

Use and share: Power BI not only provides you with a convenient way of using your data but also provides you with different ways of sharing the data. These include Direct share of dashboards and reports, Power BI premium, Share PBIX, Share Templates, and more. 

Why we should comply with data privacy even though it’s a headache

It’s no secret that there are many hurdles when trying to maintain the confidentiality of data. However, Power BI has various features that help guarantee the privacy of your data. Here is a look at some of them: 

  • Power BI data flows: Power BI allows you to have ETL operations in a centralized manner such that other people can take advantage of what you’ve already done—and vice versa. You can also execute Power BI data on other server systems like Azure.  To top it off, Power BI data flows have common data models that unify data in a well-known schema with semantic metadata across applications and deployments. 
  • Privacy settings in Power BI: Before using this feature, you need to preset Office 365 and Azure. Upon doing that, Power BI will present you with various tools like the cloud app security that enforces policies, detects threats, and provides mitigative actions for resolving issues. Additionally, it has a data protection metric tool that you can use to ascertain how secure your data is. 

All in all, Power BI is an essential tool that can not only help you organize your data but also help you secure it on a global scale. 


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