Why Quantsapp is a pioneer in Evolving Options Trading in INDIA ?

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India is a Booming Market for Traders, with increased efficiency in Digital sector & boom in Internet users, eventually the Trading Sector saw a consistent boom. With Maximum trading Volumes in Options Industry, Options Trading has emerged as a New booming Sector.

Whenever an evolution is seen in any segment, it is followed by Pioneers & Startups. Such a Startup, that has come across is Quantsapp. In this article you shall take a deep look at what they provide & why is it at such great heights!

Let’s start with their availability & one thing, that quantsapp has mastered is convenience for Options trader. Their app is available on Android & IOS. They also have taken care of Desktop users by providing a seamless Web APP.

Now let’s Look at the Tools that are Provided


ARCHITECT: Be the designer of your own Option strategies & Create Strategies for Intra & End of Expiry Pay-Offs.

SINGLE CHARTS: Technical Charts for Options

SYNOPSIS: Simplified Options data analytics by color codes. Track the Movers and Shakers of FnO Markets.

MARKET NEWS: Get updated with the latest news and updates.

ADVANCE DECLINE CHART: In depth analysis of historical trend of breadth (Net Advances) of all sectors from any custom date.

OPEN INTEREST: Track the Change in Options OI from your Desired Date and Time to decipher Option Participant’s reaction to any move or event better using Open Interest

OPTION CHAIN: Gauge impact of defining variables on entire series of options within milliseconds. Easiest way to track your Greeks.

BUILT-UP: Analyze Scrip-wise and Sector-wise Built Up. Color-coded to gauge L, LU, S and SC at a glance.

INDIA VIX: Measure volatility expectation. India VIX plays a major role in understanding the confidence or fear amongst traders. 

BASIS: Historical data for cash and futures. Difference between cash and future for stocks and indices


PAIN: Find where the Option Buyers are losing money and Option Sellers are making money.

INDEX CONTRIBUTOR: Know the Stocks that moved the index the most at intervals of your choice. Zero in on Leaders and Laggards.

& Many more…

One Particular tool that makes Quantsapp a standout Application is ORDER & TRADE ANALYTICS which lets you to Analyze Order Book in Realtime with 33 + Analytics in 1 sec interval. You can also Check out New Buy Orders, New Sell Orders, Buyer initiative Trade, Seller initiative Trade, Trade VWAP, etc.


Personally quantsapp made me feel like it is a Dedicated Options Analytics Platform made for Traders by Traders, with the widest range of FREE option Trading Tools in the industry with a goal to equip Retail Traders with intelligent Algorithms via. Tools at much affordable cost & without putting much of knowledge they can be placed well in the battle of Future & Options.

You can Also avail a benefit of 500 INR on Signup by using Referral Code “QUANTSAPPIT”. A sweet gesture by Quantsapp.

Download Quantsapp/visit the Quantsapp Web: http://app.quantsapp.com/sr

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