5 Applications Of A Barcode Scanner In Singapore

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Perhaps, people are more familiar with barcode scanners in supermarkets. The check-out counters scan all your items using a zebra scanner in Singapore before placing them in the grocery bags.

But besides supermarkets and shops, can you name places or situations that use a barcode scanner in Singapore? Don’t you know any? This article is for you.

Here are the other applications of a barcode scanner in Singapore:

  1. Admission tickets

When was the last time you watched a movie in a theatre? Have you noticed the barcode in the ticket? Movie tickets, plane tickets, and other admission tickets have barcodes. The barcode scanner in Singapore verifies the authenticity and date validity of the tickets. Hence, it prevents people from using fake and expired tickets.

  1. Money transfers

Many e-wallets and online money transfer services use barcodes and QR codes. These codes act like IDs for e-wallet users. For example, instead of manually inputting the account name and number of the person you are transferring money to, scanning the code will automatically fill out this information accurately, speeding up the process.

  1. Library management

Barcode and zebra scanners speed up the check-in and check-out of books in the library. Instead of manually encoding the book title, volume, and book title in the system, librarians can use a barcode scanner and an Atex tablet to instantly get the details of the book.

  1. Advertising

When you buy a product from the mall, you can notice the barcode or QR code on the paper bag or box of the product. Scanning the codes using the Zebra tablet will lead you to the store’s website, where you can see and buy their other products.

  1. Food intake

Some smartphone apps allow consumers to track their food intake using a barcode. For example, if you have a box of cereal, you can scan its barcode using the app installed on your Atex tablet, and it will show you the nutritional facts and calorie intake of each cereal serving.

Isn’t surprising how functional a barcode scanner is in Singapore?

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