Air Compressor Maintenance

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Air compressors require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and prevent breakdowns. There are two types of maintenance routines for air compressors: Minor Preventative Maintenance, which are usually scheduled one to three times a year, and Major Preventative Maintenance, which are typically scheduled every one to two years, depending on the number of hours the compressor runs and how dirty the ambient conditions are.

During air compressor maintenance, several tasks must be performed. The air filter should be changed every 2,000 hours to capture particulate matter like pollen, dust, and dirt. The oil filter must also be changed to capture dirt and grime and ensure the oil can be reused in the system. An oil sample should be taken for analysis to provide information about external and internal contamination. The dryer’s overall health should be evaluated to ensure it is operating correctly.

The cooler should be cleaned, as it is often overlooked by customers but is essential to maintaining optimal performance. A dirty cooler can cause oil and air temperature to rise, leading to water carryover and potential damage downstream. Electrical connections should be inspected and tightened to prevent shortages or shutdowns caused by constant vibration. Drains and inline filters should be checked to ensure they are working correctly and free from restrictions.

The condenser and cabinet mat (if applicable) should be checked to ensure they are clean and free from restrictions. Controls for maintenance reminders should be reset, and any error alerts should be checked. Oil and coolant should be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The air/oil separator must also be changed to prevent clogs or collapses that could lead to oil carryover and pressure drop, or even a fire. The motor should be inspected and greased according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Finally, all safety valves should be tested to ensure they are working correctly, as a failed safety valve can result in over-pressurization and damage to storage tanks or lines.

In addition to these tasks, a technician will inspect the entire system and provide service recommendations if any issues are detected. Regular maintenance of air compressors is essential to ensure optimal performance and prevent costly breakdowns.

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