How To Dress For A Job Interview?

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To find out what clothes to wear to the interview, research the company’s dress code. Dress code is the nomenclature used to define the dress rules for a place. Try looking on the organization’s website for something related to this. If you don’t find anything specific, look for photos of people in the workplace. Almost every company has photos of employees, both daily and at parties and informal company events. From these photos, you can already identify what the dress code should be like. For example, if in the photos, everyone is wearing business clothes or if everyone is wearing the same type of clothing, there are likely stricter rules about dress.

If in the photos everyone is dressed differently, or if there are more relaxed events, such as pajama day, costume party, etc., it may be an organization that has more flexible rules regarding what to wear. In addition, also pay attention to the segment of the company. Startups, for example, tend to have more informal environments in which employees can even wear flip-flops and shorts. In banks, social clothes are more common.

Remembering that this varies from company to company, the ideal is to research each company that will apply for a job vacancy to understand their particularities. That said, if you’re still wondering if there’s an ideal attire for a job interview, the answer is: NO. All this research will help you precisely to identify what is most suitable for each company; there is no rule. If you wear a social and super formal dress in a company that values ​​a more fun and relaxed work environment, it may not be very suitable. And the opposite is also valid.

Therefore, the most important thing is for you to research how the employees of that company usually dress and try to adapt to that, don’t limit yourself so much in clothing. Always use common sense and don’t go in pajamas or any other type of clothing you wouldn’t wear to go out daily. And even in online interviews, you can see parts of your outfit on camera. So, do not neglect it, regardless of the environment in which the interview will occur and don’t forget to come for the interview with your CV from a professional CV template.

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