Effective Marketing Techniques for Plumbers

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Running any business in this post modern age requires an upskill in trade practices. The plumbing business, for one, though not often mentioned like other services, play a significant role in society. This industry alone generates $214 billion in annual revenue in the US through the expertise of millions of its employees.

Because of many competitors, plumbing companies saw a great need to adapt the best practices in marketing to get more clients. Traditional word-of-mouth certainly is one of the most effective ways to win customers. But with the rise of digital marketing, the need for plumbing leads continues to increase. 

Here are some ways to use digital marketing to your plumbing company’s advantage.

Partnering with Other Home Service Providers

Working with others who share the same target market is one of the most acceptable methods for a business to promote what they have to offer. They can exchange leads in this fashion. A plumbing company might collaborate with local remodelers, landscapers, and other home services specialists to increase the number of tips for home improvement projects.

Customer Referral Programs

Leveraging existing customers to acquire potential or new ones is a good practice in the plumbing business. As it is often called, the customer referral program uses exceptional customer service to encourage other clients to refer them to their friends, neighbors, and the immediate community. As current clients refer them to others, they are given incentives that may equate to freebies related to plumbing.


Mounting a website is one thing, but increasing traffic to your website can mean soliciting reviews. You can ask former clients to leave a testimonial about your plumbing work in their kitchen or bath to get more plumbing or bathroom leads. Sendingthem personalized emails and links can help them find your website faster. Make sure to thank your customers for their feedback, and try to discover why they chose your plumbing business over another. 

Social Media

Apart from email marketing and reviews, you can also use social media to reach new customers. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram are great for community building and engaging with your audience. You can establish a following with the right audience by answering their questions, providing high-quality advice, and educating them about the plumbing industry.

Let this infographic by HomeGuru help you get more ideas for your plumbing business.


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