Use Good and Suave Looking Pens for Business Meetings

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Introduction – 

Though everything these days has become paperless and digital, yet signature is something that is important and it has to be given on paper. Many times digital signature does not work out well. So, it is important in any business or for any pivotal business meeting you have a good pen. Several different kinds of businesses are there and no matter what the business, having a good pen is always important to sign important documents, contracts and others. Now, you can imagine how it would be if your pen is not working or it stops midway when you are signing a document. 

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Since 1831 – 

It’s obvious your signature will look bad and overwritten. Therefore, having a good pen with a good ink flow is very important. One such best pen that you can ever have is the Parker fountain pen. Parker fountain pens have a beauty of their own. And, having such a pen in your pocket, enhances one’s personality, and also it looks suave or classy. Plus, Fountain pens have been popular since 1831 and are also still in use. Many people would prefer a dot pen or gel pen because they feel it is a bit of a hassle to fill up the ink and all. 

Fountain Pen Feature – 

But the fact is that at some point even the good gel pens and dot pens stop working, especially if you have not used them for a long time. So, one of the best pens that you can for your business is the fountain pen or cross ballpoint pen. One of the best parts you will know about fountain pens is that, unlike some gel pens, the fountain pens ink dries very fast. Since the ink in the fountain pen is liquid, as soon as it comes in contact with the air, it dries instantly. But that’s not the case with gel pens, the liquid which contains gel doesn’t dry easily and perchance if someone’s hand or fingers comes across the written text then it will get spread. 

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Use Cross Ball Point Pen – 

The same is with the ballpoint pen, the ballpoint pen ink dries very quickly. So, for any business meetings or when you need a pen work, then it is recommended that you either take a fountain pen or cross ballpoint pen. Several different types of such pens are available online as well as in the market. And, whereas, the ink is concerned for the fountain pen, you definitely will not write some theory or thesis, that you need a lot of ink. So, the ink is much sufficient, unless you are a lawyer or doctor writing the prescriptions. 

For a Classy Look – 

No matter what the profession, having a Parker fountain pen in your pocket is very classy and it gives a superior look. It shows the choices that you make in your dressing and others. Many people think that in this paperless digital world, no one has time to see what you are carrying or which pen you have. But people who observe will carefully observe the parker pen that shines out of your pocket. 

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