How To Spread Holiday Cheer Safely

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The holidays are only a few months away, but COVID has taken an unexpected upswing. How can you plan for gatherings and parties when you are unsure if they can be held safely? To be sure, make plans to spread holiday cheer early, no matter the circumstances, by sending personalized Christmas cards to your family, friends, and coworkers. While you’re at it, healthcare workers have had a particularly rough time with the pandemic, and surely they would appreciate a little extra joy too.

When To Order

Be like Santa and start finalizing your nice and naughty lists around Halloween. By the first of November, you should have a rough estimate of how many cards and envelopes you should need. Finalize your count and, as a safe bet, order 10 more. Extra cards can always be kept for the following year. You just never know who might have slipped your mind or if you’ll have a new coworker or friend. Here’s hoping!

What To Order

Remember that all your holiday cards need not be the same. You can pick and choose by group or individual. For example, perhaps your family would enjoy a more religious-themed card specific to your own practice. If you are unsure whether or not you share a religion with your coworkers, however, perhaps it’s best to stick with a winter theme for your workmates. Friends might enjoy a more humorous card, while healthcare workers would otherwise enjoy a card based on gratitude. Above all, choose a card that makes your personal touch feel like a welcome addition.

What To Say

The best part about personalized Christmas cards is that you can make holiday cheer look easy. You can choose from different images and greetings. Then, you can decide if you want to customize your message or use a template if you’re not a person of many words. Adding a photo or a logo is no problem at all. Then finish the card off with just your signature or several signatures from the whole group. You can also customize your envelope to your specifications.

When To Send

A good rule of thumb for holiday preparedness is to be ready for the next holiday by the one before it. So, around Thanksgiving weekend, you should have all of the cards stamped and sent. If this seems too early to you, consider that the mail system gets bogged down more and more each year with a heavy volume of holiday mail and packages. To be sure that your cards reach their intended recipients and on time, send ahead early. This also gives you the opportunity for a follow-up phone call before the actual holiday season arrives.

One of the best parts of ordering personalized Christmas cards from Cards for Causes is the people you’re sending it to can feel good about your sentiment and the actual card. Not only are the cards eco-friendly, but with each purchase, 20% of the proceeds go to a charity. Let your friends and family in on the feel-goods by including this message on the inside of your holiday card along with the season’s greetings.

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