In-house security vs outsourcing

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Companies searching for security services must decide between collaborating with in-house security or an outsourced security team. There are benefits and cons to both options that must be weighed up. However, the final decision is based on the personal needs and wants of the company.  Is your business based in Manchester? Check out CDX Security’s Manchester security guards.

     Firstly, let’s have a look at the positives when it comes to having in-house security. By employing your security team, you can decipher on a personal basis whether the individuals are best suited, and have the expertise you’re looking for in your particular business. Potential employers can be vetted, putting you in control. There will be a direct relationship between the company and the employee which will create familiarity and loyalty.  

     The downside to having an in-house security team is that creating your team can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Employment protocol is to adhere to all year round as well as expenditures on training and equipment, holidays, and sickness pay. Employees must have a valid SIA license which can accumulate in cost. The staff would need management which would require extra staff as well as staff to cover absences. 

     With outsourcing security, the service will have to meet all legal requirements. Equipment, insurance, management, and training costs are covered. Staff are available to cover at quick notice for holiday leave and sick days, giving you a greater sense of support and backup. 

     When unexpected events occur, having an outsourcing security company offers a range of services at your disposal. When your needs change and evolve you can plan more adeptly with employees that are familiar with manned guarding, alarm responses, and patrols out of hours. If you have any temporary requirements or a one-off issue to address, security can be provided on an irregular basis without having to train up existing staff members. 

     What you must be wary about when choosing an outsourced security company is that the quality of service can vary depending on the company. Always seek out the SIA register of approved contractors and always seek reviews and recommendations.  

     You will be putting your trust completely into the hands of the company. You will not have control over the individuals employed and will need to have trust that the specific employee is adhering to your requirements. This will come down to choosing the right company, and it is best to query and suss out each company’s professionalism when accepting a deal. 

     Overall, you must decide if you want the in-house security which offers you more control and choice, but can be costly, time-consuming, and requires greater involvement and decision making from you. Or, you can find an outsourcing security company that gives you less direct control and input, but covers more requirements, has more resources for your disposal with a greater ability to solve unpredictable events when they occur. The decision comes down to whether or not you are prepared to manage a team, be on call for unpredictable events, and can follow government procedures and protocol. Or, would rather pay for a trusted company, giving you less control, but covering a wider basis. 

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