Reasons to Opt for Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

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A number of people try to avoid contacting professional assistance for drug and alcohol evaluation and the main reason is that they are shy to face family or people around them. You must know that if you go through the procedure of drug evaluation, there are many chances that you can lead normal life again and return to the mainstream. 

The professional assessment of drug and alcohol evaluation will include looking for the problem, finding how stark it is, and the level of intervention required. Following are the few steps that can explain how drug treatment evaluation is done and why should you go for it:

  1. Screening and Assessment: The procedure of drug or alcohol evaluation starts from screening. A professional will check you to find out if really the problem exists, its reasons, which substance is taken, quantity of substance, intensity of the substance, and after assessment of all these things, he may recommend some treatment. 

Analyzing the situation more deeply is important as it will pinpoint symptoms and treatment. There can be additional disorders when you consume drugs, which mean that along with the addiction, you might be suffering a psychiatric disorder also which is seen in most of the cases. It is one of the reasons that you must go for drug treatment evaluation because if the problem exists, you will get proper treatment. In order to make the things easier, Drug and Alcohol Assessment Online option is also available to patients.

  1. Tools: Professionals may have to use multiple tools to diagnose the problem closely. The tools may include facing a questionnaire structure known as ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’ which aims to find if you need a diagnostic criteria or not. Using this tool, the assessor can understand the course, intensity of diagnostic criteria, and a follow up. The second tool is ‘Addiction Severity Index’ which addresses and finds out the various problem areas of the substance abuse. These areas include alcohol use, drug use, employment and support, family and social status, psychiatric status, legal status, and medical status. In this way professionals can help you by finding out the amount of problem due to the substance used and also what treatment can help you out.
  2. Court Ordered Alcohol Evaluation: It means that your drug and alcohol evaluation has been ordered by a judge to check if the substance really has been consumed or not. Although it might is being done to fulfill a sentencing requirement as per state laws, only a certified state agency has the right to do this evaluation. In most of the cases such as driving under influence, public intoxication, possession of alcohol or drugs, drug distribution, manufacturing of controlled substances etc. a Court Ordered Alcohol Evaluation has to be followed. It is not necessary that you will land into legal trouble once court has ordered for drug evaluation. It can actually help you in a way. If you take the test early, it will be assumed that you are willing to cooperate which means they may only order light penalty in the form of counseling or some courses to attend. 

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