Tips to Reduce Clutter in a Retail Space

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Even when trying to keep a retail space organized, facilities can quickly become too cluttered. The end result is that customers can’t find what they’re looking for or can’t see if something they want is in stock. Instead, when the space starts to look cluttered, it’s time to start cleaning, organizing, and reducing all of the clutter for a more gorgeous and easier-to-shop-in retail space.

Clean and Organize the Back Room

Start in the back room. It’s all too easy for the back room to get out of control, and when that happens, the showroom is going to get out of control as well. Take everything off the shelves, clean them, and put everything back in an organized way. Make sure like items are together, that boxes have clear and easy-to-read labels, and taller boxes are in the back with smaller boxes in the front. Anything that is opened should be organized so the items are easy to find as needed. Office supplies should be organized in one location, and everything in the back room should be labelled.

Remove Unnecessary Objects from Sales Desk

The sales desk is another area that tends to just attract clutter. When the store’s busy, there may not be time to run to the back and put things away. Instead, have the most-used supplies like pens, extra printer paper, and bags stored near the desk. Overflow from the storage can be kept in the back, allowing for some supplies to be within easy reach with sufficient room left for everything to be organized and easy to find. Label any containers for office supplies used at the sales desk, and keep them under the desk. If the desk doesn’t have built-in storage, purchase a small shelf that will fit in the space but not be in the way.

Remove Items from Sales Floor

The sales floor is not the area to store the overflow. For items that sell fast, having a selection available to choose from is a good idea. Everything else, however, should be organized and easy to find in the back and restocked as needed. When possible, have a display item and a few boxed items on a shelf below it. This way, the top of the shelf has items to view, and a few boxes for each item are easy to see and grab. For items purchased in bulk, use an attractive display to both showcase and store the items, then refill as needed to keep the boxes full and reduce the amount stored in the back.

It can be hard to know where to start when decluttering retail space needs to be done, but there are a number of tips to get started. The above tips will eliminate the majority of the clutter, create more organized spaces throughout the store, and help keep the clutter away in the future. Once everything is stored properly and organized, it’s easy to keep everything in its place and make sure the store looks neat and clean, allowing customers to find anything they want quickly and easily.


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