Ultimate Guide To Texas Workers Compensation Coverage

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Texas is among the states with highly thriving businesses and developing companies; this means that many activities are carried on in this state. Therefore, the need for workers compensation coverage, as there are higher risks brought about by different exposures to various things at work. However, it is not a government requirement to have one; it is of great significance to anyone working in Texas as it enables employees to cover several costs and easy return to their respective jobs. Here is what you should know about Texas workers compensation coverage:

What is Texas worker’s compensation coverage?

It is an insurance or coverage that supports your employees and gives them the benefits required to enable them to recover quickly from work-related injuries or illness occurred at work. It is important coverage to employees as it provides with defense against the following claims:

• Last clear chance
• Assumption of risk
• Co-worker negligence
• Contributory negligence

Where there is no workers compensation coverage, the business owners in Texas will be responsible for any costs related to personal injuries that happened at work. It doesn’t matter whose fault it was, be it the employee’s or any other person; the business owner will still be responsible as per the law suit.

Coverage for the workers’ compensation insurance in Texas

As stated earlier, with this compensation coverage, both business owners and employees can highly benefit in several different ways, such as:

• Income benefits. This normally happens when an employee misses attending to their duties once or several times but with a valid reason. With the coverage, they can easily get back their lost wages on the days they were absent from work.
• Medical benefits. The workers’ compensation coverage plays an important role in paying for all the treatment costs for work related injuries and illness.
• Legal benefits. It is beneficial to the employee, especially where your employee’s family wants to sue your business; this becomes evidence against you.
• Death benefits. The benefit goes to the employee’s family if their working family member loses life in any work-related accident and within the specified working hours.

The Texas compensation laws require employees to give thirty days’ notice for work-related injuries or illness to their respective employers. Moreover, they are given one year to ensure that they file formal paperwork for their compensation claims. Once they have the injury report, they will have eight days to notify their insurers.

Workers’ compensation laws

Different states in Texas have different laws; though Texas does not take the acquisition of workers compensation coverage as a necessity, there are laws and regulations meant to govern this; they include:

• Business owners should disclose to their employees whether the business considers and has the workers’ compensation coverage.
• Business owners should notify the workers’ compensation division of the Texas Department of Insurance once they stop the coverage adoption.
• No compensation and coverage in situations caused by the Acts of God, drugs, intoxications, self-injury, voluntary participation in off-work recreational activities and employee horseplay.

It is significant to learn and understand these laws as important, especially to your business and employees’ safety.


Having a workers’ compensation claim is highly important to employees and the business owners; it reduces the costs one could incur if they had no coverage. Almost everything gets catered for in this case. Understanding each other’s role in maintaining and developing the workers’ compensation coverage reduces the fear of losing business money to accident related risks.

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