Use of Videos in Digital Marketing

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Video is easy to digest and gives consumers a rest from reading content online. Apart from being easy to share, videos are engaging and provide authentic life images. This makes it easy for consumers to decide whether they want whatever is being advertised. For marketers, videos have considerable potentials to give a higher return on investment. (ROI).

Videos are also accessible to anyone who wants to create and watch if they have access to the internet. Though you can have professionally made videos, having a laptop may be all you need to create your video.

Types of video

It’s good to understand what category of video you want to create before sitting down to do so.Ask yourself, “what’s the purpose of my video?, what channel will  I use to get it in front of my audience?”

Here are the different types of videos.

Explainers: Have a new product in the market? Use a video, combine with instructions and other application which gives more information on the product.

Interviews: These videos can showcase a conversation between guests, influencers, or audiences. You can use these videos in the future as podcasts for your products and services.

Reviews and demos: digital marketing agency Dallas TX can work together with influencerslooking to boost their social following by advertising your brand and giving them your products in exchange. You can also use the video reviews to know what people say about your product or service, primarily if they get engaged in the comments. Additionally, it functions as a tool for market research.

Live video: gives you a platform to personally engage with your audience on various social channels.

Why marketers use videos.

Inform and educate

Customersnowadays don’t need pitches from marketers. They have all the information they need online and are spoilt for choice. They browse the internet for the best product or service in the neighborhood or on the global scene and order. This doesn’t mean markets can’t showcase their products; they can, but through videos though not in all businesses. Clients should be approached with value, and personalized offers and videos are best as they offer customers a close-up look at whatever is being offered. An influencer or a teacher can also be incorporated into the video to increase its authenticity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines look at videos as high-quality content, and if combined in your blog, it is ranked higher. Additionally, those videos should be optimized with the right keywords, great title, and solid Meta description. A recent study shows 80% of online traffic consists of videos.

Being competitive

A short, well-thought-out explainer video can make a big difference when educating your target clients on your products. You can capture people’s attention, entertain, and drive sales through storytelling and various media types. Your explainer video can be animated or illustrated according to your audience to stand out above your competitors.

Higher Conversion Rate

Studies show customers quickly buy a product after seeing it in an action video compared to an explainer. It becomes easier to know how to use the product and the intended results.

Videos are becoming an integral part of digital marketing. They enable businesses to have a higher competitive edge, better conversion rate, and inform and educate potential customers. Choose a video that will match your product or service and your clients as well.

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