What Channel is Telemundo on Spectrum?

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There is an abundance of entertainment options for you in the world right now. Especially if you are fond of the television world, you have the luxury of choosing from highly rich platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and let’s not forget the conventional cable TV medium.

Now, if you are a Spanish viewer or simply have a taste for Spanish content, then you might want a more tailored experience. For that, you might be interested in TV channels like Telemundo. Thus, we thought to tell you all about the amazing world of Telemundo and where you can tune into it on the Spectrum network. So, let’s get started.

What is Telemundo All About?

Formerly known as NetSpan, Telemundo is an American-Spanish television network owned by NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises. It was founded way back in 1984 and its content is primarily targeted at the Latin American population of the United States and the world over.

The TV channel is home to some of the finest original Spanish programming, movies, news, and Spanish sporting events. While it may have aired comedy content in the past though, it has stepped back from the genre in its current programming.

What makes this channel so appealing is the growing number of English speakers taking a liking towards Spanish content. While most of them may only be able to understand the subtitles below, many have caught on with popular Spanish words and phrases.

What Channel Number is Telemundo on Spectrum?

Even after you have subscribed to Spectrum cable TV, you might find it hard to find the channel of your choice. The thing is, not all channels are broadcasted on a constant channel number as they vary with regions.

You will need a little time before you can memorize all your favorite channels’ numbers, while the Spectrum TV on-screen guide may make things a little easier. For a start though, Spectrum TV subscribers in the Orlando, Florida region can catch Telemundo on 62—HD 1011 channel number on Spectrum.

What Can You Watch on Telemundo?

After you have finally found the Telemundo TV channel on the Spectrum TV channel lineup, it is now time to dive into the universe of entertainment that it offers. Here is a brief list of exciting titles that you ought to check out.

Falsa Identidad

This crime thriller revolves around a hustler, Diego (portrayed by Luis Ernesto Franco), who has no other option but to leave his life back home and move to the United States. As he is making his way across the border, he is met by a mother of two children. They then decide to make their journey across as a family. What struggles lie ahead in their journey may only be witnessed after you tune into the show.

La querida del Centauro

Probably the biggest TV show to hit the Telemundo network, this show tells the story of Yolanda Acosta (portrayed by Ludwika Paleta), who will stop at nothing to protect her daughter. However, fate has other plans for her as she falls in love with one of the biggest drug traffickers in the country.

Luis Miguel: La Serie

This biography focuses on the life of Mexican musical sensation, Luis Miguel (portrayed by Diego Boneta). The series takes you through a dramatic version of the superstar’s life events and sheds light on how he came to become the alluring musician that he still is today.

Zorro: La Espada y La Rosa

While this is an old TV show, there are still fans wanting to enjoy the sight of the famous Zorro slaying enemies in his path. For those of you who are oblivious of this gem’s existence, the show revolves around the vigilante life of Don Diego de la Vega aka Zorro (portrayed by Christian Meier). He is on a mission to clean the streets of Spanish California all the while he engages in his romantic affairs on the side.

El Señor de Los Cielos

Set in the 1990s, this is the story about the most powerful drug trafficker in the United States, Mexico, and Columbia combined. Aurelio Casillas aka El Señor de Los Cielos (portrayed by Rafael Amaya) is forced to fake his death and change his identity after there is very little room left to breathe. Though, his intention for seeking revenge has not settled down at all. He will do everything in his power to seek out the ones responsible for his current situation.

How to Subscribe to Spectrum?

Now that you know what the Telemundo TV network has in store for you, you should not waste any more time subscribing. Simple call up the Spectrum customer service team and grab hold of your Spectrum TV subscription instantaneously. And for all our Spanish-American friends, the dedicated Servicio al cliente de Spectrum is awaiting your calls.

On a Final Note

Telemundo offers a rich variety of viewing options for people of all ages and interests. It will only be a matter of time before you are hooked to a program of your choice for life. And with the rich features offered by the Spectrum TV subscription, you will think twice before ever going back.

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