What Skills Are Required to Get Job at Eureka Forbes

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Eureka Forbes is one of India’s most popular and leading companies that sell water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and home security solutions. The company is also known for offering best-in-class maintenance services. So, if you are looking to get a job at Eureka Forbes, you can consider applying for a maintenance technician role. 

Being a leader in the industry, the company has stringent recruitment policies, and they typically look for specific skills among the potential new employees. So, if you want to start your Eureka Forbes career as a maintenance technician, you must possess particular skills, which are discussed below:

Maintenance technicians personify the term ‘jack of all trades.’ They are multi-talented and versatile individuals who have technical skills in different areas. They carry out different repair work, fix your devices’ problems, and suggest ways to maintain them. 

Skills required for maintenance technician

Problem-solving abilities

As a maintenance technician, your primary job will be to fix problems. You must be able to identify the problem, diagnose the cause, think of a solution to fix it and execute it correctly within a short period. 

To be successful in this job, you must not only have a high amount of technical expertise, but you also must have the ability to keep calm and maintain your composure while you are pressed for time and dealing with electrical and mechanical issues. 

Physical ability

Facilities maintenance can be a physically demanding job. You must often carry out the maintenance work from roofs, ladders, and in the tiniest of spaces. Also, you have to lift and drag heavy tools and appliances. Sometimes, you may even have to work in extreme weather conditions. Not to mention, the working hours can be long and irregular. 

To cope with all these challenges, you must be extremely fit and strong. Therefore, if you are looking for a job as a technician at Eureka Forbes, make sure that you maintain your health and focus on building endurance and stamina. 


As a maintenance technician, you may have to deal with different home facilities like security cameras, smart home solutions, vacuum cleaners, water purifiers, etc. And to fix the issues, you must be aware of working on different types of units. 

You must also know about these appliances’ electrical, mechanical, and structural make. Hence, it would help if you were versatile enough to deal with different types of work every day and fix the issues efficiently. 

Attention to detail

As a facilities maintenance technician, you would have to spend plenty of time closely examining the complicated systems. You must understand the inner workings of different types of parts and circuits in different machines. 

You must also identify each tiny part that makes the system run efficiently. While diagnosing the issue, you must have a keen eye to find and correct minor issues that could cause total damage.

Other skills required

Depending on the nature of the job you are applying for at Eureka Forbes, you must have specific skills to get the job. But it always helps to have specific basic yet highly critical skills like good communication, willingness to work in a team, problem-solving and critical thinking, time management, etc. 

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