Tailor-Made For The Organization Of Your Customer Service

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“The times, they are a-changing’.” It is not we who affirm it, but Bob Dylan in 1964. And if there is indeed an invariant thing in this low world, it is precisely changing. As you can easily see, consumption patterns, Sales Operations Management have evolved. Blame it on a technological revolution that profoundly upset human relationships and on the consumer’s desire, which no longer has the object exclusively as its object, but the experience. Thus, customers now expect unique products and services that meet their needs. Establishing a commercial relationship today means placing the customer at the center of the relationship.

Tailor-Made For The Quality Of The Customer Relationship

More than quantity or comfort, it is the quality your customer is looking for today. Not just in your product or service delivery but also in the relationship it has with your business. The slightest annoyance in their customer journey can ruin your brand image in their eyes.

Conversely, a customer relationship based on excellence can make him your number 1 ambassador, your prescriber capable of bringing new customers and prospects effortlessly. As you have understood, the emphasis today is, above all, on managing the customer relationship and personalizing the relationship. Hence, it is important to develop (good) skills in your customer service, whether managed internally or outsourced to a customer relationship center.

Maximizing the customer experience with cultivate advisors for example, satisfaction and loyalty, therefore, goes hand in hand with increasing the skills and abilities of your customer advisers, whoever they are, and your model.

In addition, global digitalization requires companies to adapt quickly and efficiently to new digital communication methods. These transformations are sometimes heavy and must take place in depth without harming the activity in progress.

Get To Know Your Company To Improve Coordination

Whatever you do, your teams in the call center or contact center (remote adviser, complaints service, after-sales service, making appointments, customer care, telesecretariat, etc.) are the interfaces between you and your client. They are the ones who represent your brand image and your company. They are your internal customers.

If their experience is bad, there’s little chance that your customer relationship will improve. Therefore, you must take the time to understand better the human capital that makes up your business daily to identify their needs better and put them in a position of trust with the end customer. Know how to listen sincerely and actively to their requests, be proactive, adopt positive language, not hesitate to sympathize or, at the very least, show empathy, develop your ranges of products and services, admit when you make an error, improve your technical knowledge, always aim for the solution and good advice rather than systematic punishment.

In summary, relearn how to work together by decompartmentalizing services and to facilitate communication at all levels. From then on, improving performance and management of customer service will occur more naturally, without it being perceived as a constraint. Customer satisfaction must drive internal CRM (Relationship Management).

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