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Due to land scarcity, getting storage units is nothing new, especially in a small country like Singapore. The lack of space in many residential and commercial places has made many people rely on renting a storage unit to get extra space to store their belongings, whether for personal or business use.

As it becomes more common, many storage solutions companies have been popping up all over the country. This option is cheap as it lets anyone get a storage space that fits their needs.

If this is your first time planning to get storage units, there is a high chance that you have doubts about how great and convenient they are.

In that case, keep reading. The following parts will discuss the benefits and other things you need to know about storage units.


Part I: What Are The Benefits Of Storage Units?


1. Reduce Clutter

Are you having trouble decluttering your space? Consider getting storage units and keep anything you will not need for the next three to six months or more. Having fewer items around the room will help you reduce the clutter and make your space look more presentable.

You will no longer get embarrassed whenever someone decides to drop by and pay you a visit to your home or office.

2. Guaranteed Security

Another benefit of renting a storage unit from a storage solutions provider is that your belongings are in good hands. Besides having number locks, each corner of the facility also has CCTVs. These surveillance cameras can deter any burglars from trespassing and stealing anything.

The guaranteed security that storage solutions providers gave frequent travellers to enjoy their trip without worrying about the precious items they left inside the storage units rather than in their homes.

3. Easy Expansion

Apart from business owners expanding their offices, homeowners also need extra space to store their belongings when they get a home renovation. Renting storage units is a great way to secure pieces of furniture so contractors will have more space as they renovate some part of the residence place.

Some homeowners also get extra space when they plan to move into a smaller place. With this, they will have more time to rearrange their belongings in their new home and slowly retrieve the items they have stored inside.

4. Store Seasonal Items

Even though Christmas and other holidays are not as grand as Chinese New Year, many households and businesses decorate Christmas lights and trees. Once the celebration ends, they store these seasonal items inside storage units instead of throwing them away and buying the same things next year.

Part II: What Are The Types Of Storage Units?

Besides the size and length of leasing, there are two types of storage units that people can rent. Knowing the difference between the two helps you determine which one is most suitable for your needs.

1. Standard Storage Unit

These are just rooms with spacious space and no other unique features. Homeowners and business owners can store anything inside as long as they are not sensitive to heat or humidity.

2. Storage Units With Climate Control

Unlike the standard storage units, this type has a climate control feature. That means it has a system that can control and regulate the temperature and air quality inside the storage units.

The ones opting for this type of storage are people who store items that are sensitive to climatic conditions like books, collectables, documents, pictures, and pieces of furniture.


Part III: What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing A Storage Solutions Company?


There may be a lot of storage solutions companies in Singapore, but choosing the best one might take some time. To ease your search, here are the factors you need to consider.

1. Offers Facility Security

To guarantee your belongings are still there once you decide to retrieve them, you need to rely on storage solutions that offer secured facility security. That means they should have other security measures in place besides CCTV cameras, such as:

  • Strong padlock
  • Security patrols
  • A manned entry-point

2. Maintain Cleanliness

The next thing you need to consider is if they can maintain cleanliness. Since your belongings will be there for days, weeks, or months, you need to guarantee they are in good condition.

If a storage solutions provider in Singapore cannot maintain cleanliness, pests might infest your belongings. Prevent this from happening by ensuring they perform pest control as often as possible. They should also perform cleaning services.

3. Location Nearby

To guarantee you will not have a hard time transporting your belongings inside the storage units you rented, lease somewhere nearby. The closer, the better. You can quickly get what you need as soon as possible, which means you do not need to drive that far to retrieve your belongings.

4. Budget-Friendly Storage Units

Even though there is land scarcity, that does not mean you cannot get a cheap storage space in Singapore. Before you rent anything, consider knowing all of your options and compare the prices of the storage type they have.

Part IV: How To Prepare Belongings For Storage?

1. Understand What You Can And Cannot Store

The best way for you to understand what you can and cannot store inside the storage units is to ask the vendor.

2. Labels Each Box

Besides packaging your items, consider adding a label on each box to know which item is it. Consider using a colour coding method to identify what kind of item is inside the box. For example, red is for fragile items like glass, and blue is for electrical cables.

3. Have Proper Documentation

Noting down all the belongings you plan to store gives you ideas of what you can retrieve inside your storage units before going there in person.

Get Extra Space By Renting A Storage Unit From SelfStore!

A lack of space due to land scarcity is no longer a problem. Relying on storage solutions providers has become the answer to this situation for homeowners and businesses.

Contact SelfStore at +(65) 6222 6212 or (65) 6379 2808 or leave a message on their website if you are interested in renting their storage units.

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